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December 16, 2014 | No Comments

New QUAD Club and BWTF Lab Launches in Bandon!

This December, the Coos Bay chapter teamed up with Bandon High School and science teacher Trent Hatfield to expand geographic coverage of the their Blue Water Task Force program (BWTF) and launch a Surfrider QUAD Youth Club. The goal behind both of these is to increase youth engagement in the BWTF program and local water quality issues.  The program kicked off with a training for students on how to collect, prepare and test water quality samples.
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December 17, 2013 | No Comments

Calling Volunteers – Bastendorff Beach Solstice Clean-up!

Solstice Beach Clean-up!

When: December 21st, 9am to 11am.
Where: The South Jetty Parking Lot (a.k.a. River-of-Nails)
Who: Anyone! This is a great way to celebrate our planet on this the shortest day of the year. Bring the whole family!

Surfrider will be providing bags, gloves, buckets, and magnets. You provide the man power! Also, bring your boards! If the surf is good we can all go for a paddle after the clean-up!

November 19, 2013 | 1 Comment

Free Movie Night!

The Last Ocean will be showing at the Hales Center For Performing Arts at Southwestern Oregon Community College on Nov 19 @6:30 PM and introduced by Antarctic researcher Annie Pollard of the Coos Bay Surfrider chapter. There will be a slide show from 6 – 6:30 by Annie Pollard.

The Ross Sea, Antarctica is the most pristine stretch of ocean on Earth. A vast, frozen landscape that teems with life – whales, seals and penguins carving out a place on the very edge of existence.

Californian ecologist David Ainley has been traveling to the Ross Sea to study this unique ecosystem for more than thirty years. He has written scientific papers describing it as a ‘living laboratory’. Largely untouched by humans, it is one of the last places where the delicate balance of nature prevails. But an international fishing fleet has recently found its way to the Ross Sea. It is targeting Antarctic toothfish, sold as Chilean sea bass in up-market restaurants around the world.

The catch is so lucrative it is known as white gold. Ainley knows that unless fishing is stopped the natural balance of the Ross Sea will be lost forever. He rallies his fellow scientists and meets up with a Colorado nature photographer and New Zealand filmmaker who also share a deep passion for this remote corner of the world.  Together they form ‘the Last Ocean’ and begin a campaign taking on the commercial fishers and governments in a race to protect Earth’s last untouched ocean from our insatiable appetite for fish.

Slide Show by Annie Pollard – Nov 19th @ 6:00 PM

The Last Ocean – Starts @ 6:30 PM

Hales Center for Performing Arts on the SWOCC Campus

Admission : Free

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You Can’t Cancel Coos Bay!

Over 45 hardy and brave paddlers from stand-up boards to kayaks and outrigger canoes hit the water this past Saturday for the 3rd Annual Stand UP! For the Bay in Coos Bay. The event, hosted by the rapidly growing Coos Bay Chapter of Surfrider Foundation (now #2 in the state in membership behind PDX), was held despite the impending storm, which canceled the SOLVE  Statewide Beach Cleanups for the day. This year the Surfrider Chapter partnered with South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve as part of National Estuaries Day, who brought about a host of awesome activities, bolstering this year’s educational opportunities.While the weather held back the larger crowds, the hardy souls of the Coos Bay community put on their best to make this year’s Stand Up! For the Bay probably one of the best events yet, despite the stormy weather. The event helped raise nearly $2,000 for the Coos Bay Chapter’s Blue Water Scholarship Program and ongoing Blue Water Task Force Monitoring.

Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers flank participants for safety in Saturday's stormy conditions

Coast Guard Auxiliary volunteers flank participants for safety in Saturday’s stormy conditions

The luau and educational activities following the paddle event were moved to the Rock Hall, graciously offered up by the crew at Sharkbites Cafe, instead of along the boardwalk as traditionally held. Inside the hall, participants warmed up from the paddle and were fed gracious amounts of BBQ and libations while listening to rad sounds of The Dale Inskeep Band.

The Dale Inskeep Band

The Dale Inskeep Band

South Slough’s awesome educational activities and rad volunteers hosted great learning opportunities just outside the hall for kids and families to learn more about the local estuary and the importance of water quality. Educational Program Leader Tom Gaskill and Public Involvement Coordinator Deborah Rudd helped lead up the “Data Geeks” portion of the paddle, where various “themed” characters from “Mudflatt Matt” to “Eelgrass Annie” towed water quality data loggers as they paddled searching for the darkest, lightest, warmest and coldest parts of the bay. Kids were able to view the graphed data after the paddle to learn more about what affects the bay’s water quality.

Tom Gaskill of South Slough, a.k.a. "Mudflat Matt", takes to the water

Tom Gaskill of South Slough, a.k.a. “Mudflat Matt”, takes to the water

And of course the final showdown of the event was the ever-so-popular Stand Up Paddle Jousting! While the wind created a huge new element in the jousting competition, Mike Schleis retained his title defeating all of his competitors…what’s that guys secret? A few photos of the event can be found here, more to be added to that page soon!

Bay Cleanup volunteer winners!

Bay Cleanup volunteer winners!

This event would not be possible without the amazing support of the Coos Bay community, partner organizations and sponsoring businesses. We would like to give a special thanks to South Slough Estuarine Research Reserve staff and volunteers for partnering to make this year so special. Our title sponsors Waxer’s Surf Shop, Shark Bites Cafe and Hobie. Our sponsoring businesses Pepper Pappy’s BBQ, Fisherman’s Seafood Market, Walt’s Pour House, Dutch Bros. Coffee, Green Coast Plumbing and the many others who supported this event!

September 20, 2013 | No Comments

Seeking Event Volunteers For Stand Up! For The Bay 2013

Stand Up! For the Bay is coming! It’s looking to be an excellent event this year! We’re partnering up with South Slough, which will likely swell our numbers! Therefore, we’re going to need a bit more manpower than we’ve had in the past. I’ve made a list of all the jobs we need filling which is available with info on how to sign up here.

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