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July 7, 2009 | No Comments

July 5th cleanup

Greetings, The Curry Organizers and SOLV had a cleanup on July 5th to help alleviate some of the left over trash from the Party at the Port in Gold Beach. The High Schoolers did a good job of cleaning the party site and we finished off what they missed and cleaned the road to the Rogue river mouth and finished off the parking area overlooking the river. With only three volunteers we managed to gather 3 bags of garbage! Thanks for all of your help Cheryl and Sarina.
June 15, 2009 | No Comments

Port Orford Storm Drain Marking and BBQ

On Saturday June 13th, we had a BBQ to celebrate the Storm Drain marking at Battlerock beach park in Port Orford. If visitors were willing to listen to a quick spiel about surface water runoff, they were rewarded with locally caught fresh fish, bratts and hotdogs! The BBQ ran from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and we served at least 30 people. A big thanks to the Eagle III crew who caught the halibut and deep water red and to Aaron Longton for the highly coveted salmon! Thank you to our cooks for feeding our hungry visitors (Charlie with the dogs and bratts and Darrell with the fish)! Thanks for all your good work Briana. To see Briana’s pictures of the painting and the BBQ visit :

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Rogue River Cleanup May 30th

This years Rogue river cleanup was a great success. The Curry Organizers took the Rogue river mouth while volunteers from the Lower Rogue Watershed, SOLV, the Trash Dogs and other kids and volunteers removed rubbish from the rest of the lower Rogue river via jet boat assistance. This year we had 17 boats, over 50 students and dozens of adult volunteers who collected 20 cubic yards of trash and numerous tires from gravel bars and along roads of the lower Rogue river.

We also helped to feed 100 hungry trash collectors at a BBQ at Quosatana Campground. This is a classic example of community effort that is changing the way kids and the town thinks about our river, trash and stewardship of our natural resources. It really is every ones responsibility to help clean up our planet.

Thank you to Maggie and the Lower Rogue Watershed Council and to all the volunteers for your time and support, see ya next time!

Dave Lacey

June 5, 2009 | No Comments

Stormdrain Art Comes to Port Orford

The Curry County Organizing Committee for Surfrider Foundation has teamed up with the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team, Borders Perrin Norrander Inc. (BPN) to do the first installation (hopefully in a series in Oregon) of BPN’s stormdrain art concept.

Meet the artist and installation: Saturday June 13th – All Day

Everyone marks stormdrains, but how often do people really connect the message on those little markers with the ocean’s creatures as they pass by…we’re hoping we have a viral idea here and the video production to follow will hopefully challenge other communities elsewhere to take on similar projects. Great concept BPN, thanks for your partnership on this!
May 3, 2009 | No Comments

Spring Water Festival and Event and Campaign Highlights!

The South Coast Organizers of Surfrider Foundation have been steaming away on a partnership with the city of Port Orford to update stormwater ordinances and doing outreach for the Port Orford Stewardship Area Project. The stormwater project, initiated through a DLCD grant and the efforts of local members and the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team, will build upon best management practices for stormwater and strengthen the current city ordinances and planning for non-point source pollution. Additionally, the Port Orford Water Festival held in May, was a huge success thanks to the amazing organizing efforts of Briana Goodwin. The event turned out over 300 individuals and over 150 kids from the local school district (which only has 175 students!). Click on the video at right to see highlights! The event’s success was also due to the collaborative efforts of local non-profit and agency partners. Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve, South Coast Watershed Councils, Soil and Water Conservation District, Oregon Institute of Marine Biology and too many others to name them all! Great work by all the efforts from lead south coast organizer Dave Lacey…from beach cleanups to screenings of politics of Sand and Junkride, Dave’s been keeping the Surfrider stoke alive on the south coast with volunteer opportunities and great events.
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