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The Coos Bay Chapter is dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves and beaches in the greater Coos County area More Details
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Port Orford Water Festival Huge Success!

Surfrider Foundation south coast activists and the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team joined forces this spring to host the first annual Port Orford Water Festival! The event, held March 7-8, was a huge success attracting hundreds of kids and their families from the area and was deemed by Port Orford City Council members as “the biggest and best family event ever held in Port Orford.” The event’s theme, “Connecting the Drops, Land to Sea Sustainability”, highlighted the work of local groups from around the south coast. Fourteen different organizations leading sustainable efforts in land-sea connections and local stewardship were able to engage citizens in their work in a fun and lively atmosphere. The Festival kicked off with keynote speaker Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who presented on her recent paper, ‘A New Ocean Ethic’. Great work by all activists from across the state that helped make this event happen. Major kudos and karma points for event organizer Suzanna Stoike for all her amazing work to make this concept a reality! And a big thanks to Jared Tarr, John Thompson and John Dingler for all their help!
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Storm Drain Marking

On March 4th, the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT) and Surfrider kicked off our stormdrain marking program in Port Orford. The goal is to remind folks that we are part of the Hubbard Creek and Elk River watersheds, and that all pollution on land ends up in the sea. This spring we’ll be marking stormdrains throughout town. Please let us know if you’d like to lend a hand! Pictured in photo (Rachel Moore, Pete Stauffer, Aaron Longton).

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Port Orford Water Festival: March 7-8

The Port Orford Ocean Resource Team and the Surfrider Foundation present Port Orford Water Festival 2008!! The First Annual Water Festival will be held on March 7-8th at the Community Center in Port Orford. Come learn about the ocean, the rivers, and the people protecting them by visiting a variety of display booths! Dissect a fish, win the scavenger hunt, and learn to fish on the mighty Elk River! Take a walk down to the dock and learn about the boats and the port. Come play with some of the creatures that live under the sea. Learn about Surfrider’s Blue Water Task Force Program in Port Orford. The Festival will kick off at 6pm Friday with our keynote speaker Dr. Jane Lubchenco, who will be speaking at the Savoy Theater on her paper, ‘A New Ocean Ethic’. This is your chance to learn more about our water resources and how to protect them! All activities are free! For more information, or to volunteer at the event, contact . Click here for more info: Kid%27s_flyer.pdf

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Rallying around the 10th anniversary of the Oregon Chapters’ of Surfrider Foundation victory to protect free and open access to the South Jetty, Florence area coastal activists have refocused their efforts on continuing threats to access of our coastal scenic vistas. Harbor Vista County Park, also known locally amongst regulars as “Chicken Point” was this past summer included as an area charging user fees of $3. For many, frequenting this unique viewpoint is how they start their day, decide which jetty to go surf, or if they want to burn the gas and risk their lives by crossing the notorious Siuslaw River Bar to chase fish. Area residents and Surfrider activists responded swiftly by gathering over 250 signatures on a petition to eliminate the fee, as well as providing crucial public testimony to the Lane County Board of Commissioners. West Lane Commissioner Bill Fleenor championed the cause and quickly instructed park staff to remove the user fee sign from the viewing area. Big Ups and Massive Respect to all those who signed the petition, and helped gather signatures. Many thanks to Mark, John, Scott, Seth and Charlie for giving public testimony to the board, and cheers to our friends at The Sportsman and Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition CoastWatch program for all their help in this campaign victory!
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Dolphin Protection

This is my first blog posting, please bear with me. Thought some folks out there might find some of these interesting. Enjoy!

www. savejapandolphins .org

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