Coos Bay Chapter

The Coos Bay Chapter is dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves and beaches in the greater Coos County area More Details
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Marine Reserve Forum Florence – October 16

On Tues, Oct 16, Surfrider is sponsoring an open forum from 6-8pm in Florence in Bromley room of the Siuslaw Public Library. Entitled Marine Reserves: What YOU Need to Know, the forum will feature presentations from members of the Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) on Oregon’s public process to establish a network of reserves in Oregon’s Territorial Sea. The evening will also feature the short film: Common Ground: Oregon’s Ocean, produced by Greenfire Productions, as well as opportunities to get involved at the local and state level. Food and Beverages will be provided. All are welcome. See you there!

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Port Orford Water Quality News

Check out this great article written by one of our great Port Orford locals, Rachel Moore ( Rachel has worked within the community supporting Surfrider and POORT in thier land sea connections for stewardship planning. Rachel’s work as an observer has opened her up to a great dialogue with fisherman at sea, where the conversations really matter for the local community. Bridging that sea-going dialouge with terrestrial and nearshore stewardship and outreach efforts through the watershed council and our Blue water task force program has been one of Rachel’s recent focal points. Thanks Rachel!

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Surfrider Files Motion on Proposed Florence Wave Park

On Aug 13, Surfrider filed a Motion of Intervention with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on the proposed wave energy project off the Florence South Jetty. The motion is an administrative action that will secure “party” status for Surfrider in the permitting process. Surfrider is not opposed to wave energy development in Oregon and we recognize the value of renewable energy. However, there are some unique concerns regarding this particular project, including the proposed location and form of technology. In short, the goal of the motion is to position our local membership to have a greater influence in how permitting process moves forward. To read full motion and an article in Register Guard, see comments to this post.

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Summer Blue Water Intern

Last week PHS science teacher, Michael Smith, selected Pacific High School student Jared Tarr as the summer Surfrider Water Quality Intern. Jared will be running the lab out of the POORT office to learn more about the water quality around the Port Orford area. He will recieve a small stipend for his efforts, but much of this will be on Jared’s personal volunteer time…what a guy! Thanks so much Jared and our friends at the POORT office who have allowed us to invade their space with our lab. Jared’s efforts will be part of a larger cooperative project to help define and better understand a marine stewardship area through the Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT). Surfrider and local volunteers are needed to help collect samples on a monthly basis. Anyone interested should contact Jared at
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Community Stewardship Area: Port Orford

The Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT) with support from the Surfrider Foundation, Pacific Marine Conservation Council, and Ecotrust is leading an effort to establish a “Community Stewardship Area” on the south coast of Oregon. The goal of the Stewardship Area project is to protect the rich marine ecology of the region while also promoting sustainable fisheries for the local fleet. Development of the Stewardship Area is being facilitated through a local process that involves commercial fishermen and other stakeholders in planning efforts. Parallel to this process, POORT and project partners are working to identify policy space, assemble scientific expertise, and build the necessary support at the state level for such a designation. The Port Orford Ocean Resource Team is a local non-profit that involves commercial fishermen in the science, management, and marketing of its local fishery. Surfrider has been testing water in Port Orford since 2003, and maintains a water quality testing laboratory at Pacific High School in partnership with POORT.

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