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Three people are out on the water during sunset with a light house in the background. Two are stand up paddle boarding

Coos Bay Campaigns

Current Campaign

Lighthouse Beach Access

The Issue: The trail our community has used to access Lighthouse Beach for 80+ years is currently blocked off. The trail originated as a public easement that existed expressly for public access to Lighthouse Beach before the county vacated it in 1960. Although this trail has been in use since then, the property owners constructed a barbed wire fence in early January, 2022, making the beach inaccessible to the public. Beaches in Oregon are for everyone and this beach cannot be allowed to be the first “private beach” in Oregon.

Goal: to permanently restore legal public access to Lighthouse Beach.

Activity:  In February, 2022, we hired a legal team to investigate the issue and find possible solutions to resolve access to this beach. We are awaiting news from them. Further, chapter representatives have asked the county to resolve access to Lighthouse Beach, by whatever means possible. Commissioner John Sweet is currently investigating a possible access route through an alternative property. We will be posting regular updates including news, volunteer opportunities, and fundraising efforts on the Friends of Lighthouse Beach Facebook Page and Website. 

How can you help? 

We are in need of volunteers to help raise local awareness of this issue. Please email our volunteer coordinator Annie Pollard at to find out about volunteer needs or to be added to the Friends of Lighthouse Beach volunteer email group.

Our investigatory team needs your input! If you have not done so, please fill out this survey about your use of the Lighthouse Beach trail.

We are also in need of funds to support our legal team and outreach efforts. You can donate directly here. You can also check out the Friends of Lighthouse Beach Online Store. We currently have “Free Lighthouse Beach” stickers available, and more items will be added soon. Proceeds benefit the Lighthouse Beach campaign.

Positive letters of encouragement can be directed to our county commissioners. It is important for them to know that access to this beach is important to a large and diverse group of beach goers.


Past Campaigns

Ban the Bag / Bring the Bag – Successfully Completed!

Goal: Protect our local communities by passing a single-use plastic bag ordinance in Coos Bay and North Bend.


Jordan Cove LNG Terminal & Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline – Successfully Completed!

Goal: Protect and preserve our estuary and support the safety, livelihood, and recreational values of our local community.