Coos Bay Chapter


We have an inclusive team of dedicated volunteers who are excited to welcome new people and their passions into the fold. Feel free to reach out to us with questions!

Sam at our 2019 Gala

Sam Schwarz  –  Chair  –  As a Coos Bay area native, I’ve grown up working and playing in the river, bay, waterfront, and beaches. Our estuary and surrounding lands are vital to our way of life. For recreation, I surf, sail, swim, kayak, and SUP. I live on my sailboat and own a commercial fishing vessel, both moored in Coos Bay. I choose an efficient lifestyle, keeping my environmental impact to a minimum, maintaining a stewardship for the land and the sea which sustain us. 


Michael Ryan –  Vice Chair, Ban the Bag Chair  –




Skaidra Scholey –  Secretary  –  Originally from the Oregon coast, Skaidra is thrilled to join the Coos Bay Chapter EC. She looks forward to diving into our vital local campaigns such as No LNG and helping coordinate youth surf camps. Skaidra has volunteered with Surfrider chapters on Oahu, Santa Cruz, and Humboldt, CA starting in 2006. Her passion for environmental and social sustainability informed her decision to obtain an MBA in Sustainable Systems. Skaidra loves sharing her enthusiasm for the beach and ocean with her son, Zane. In her free time, you can find her surfing small waves, hiking, and adventuring up and down this beautiful coast from Seaside to Santa Cruz.

John Schlesinger –  Treasurer  –




Christal Kralicek  –  Volunteer Coordinator, Beach Clean-up Coordinator  –  Born on the Oregon coast, I’m a proud mother of 3 boys.  In my free time, I love adventuring in the outdoors.  My passion is recreating and having fun on the beautiful Oregon coast, in the ocean, the rivers, and the forest – I love camping, surfing, and paddling.  I believe we should get out and contribute and be a part of our community!  I am passionate about contributing to local environmental organizations like Surfrider, and I’ve been actively involved with the American Cancer Society, the foster care system, ZONTA, and the Coos Bay school district.  Bringing my heart, time, creativity, and organization skills to these groups, my goal is to empower women, children, and future generations.  I manage a board rental shop, and I facilitate paddling groups for women, children, and water-lovers.  With Surfrider, I put my heart into recruiting volunteers and new members, organizing beach cleanups, fundraisers, and youth activities.  Be the change you want to see in the world! 


Todd Buchholz  –  Policy Chair  –  Growing up in Portland, my family didn’t have a lot of extra resources for trips to Disneyland or vacations to Hawaii.  We did live in a state where beaches were open to all of us, campgrounds inexpensive, and the beauty our landscape just a short drive away in the ’57 Plymouth.  Before we packed up and headed home, Mom and Dad made sure that we always left the campsite cleaner than we found it.  That philosophy of making the situation better than I found it stuck with me through nearly 40 years of service as a fish biologist, firefighter, NEPA planner, District Ranger, and BLM Area Manager.  What resonated with me when I read the Coos Bay Chapter Surfrider mission statement that the chapter “is dedicated to protecting our local beaches, waterways and engaging the next generation of coastal defenders” is that we must not only ensure the campground is better off then we found it, but we must also fight to defend any efforts that might infringe on the public’s ability to enjoy these amazing places we know and love.

GloriaGloria Clary  –  Scholarship Chair, Bastendorff Stewardship Chair, Social Media Guru  –  The beach has always been a big part of my life. When I was a little kid, my grandparents started taking me to the beach in Delaware during the summers. We moved to California, and I grew up going to the beach with my family. Moving up the coast to Coos Bay, I always took my dogs out the beach where they could run around and be free. It’s calming … watching the waves, and being in the wide open space. When Annie and Carmen started our local Surfrider chapter, I started participating in beach cleanups. I agree with Surfrider’s mission of protecting the oceans and beaches. A lot of people don’t think about how the oceans affect our lives. It’s great when people visiting from other places help with beach cleanups; they know we care, and they care too. It’s important for mankind as well.  It sounds funny, but that’s the truth of it. Most of the world’s population lives near the ocean. I worked and put myself through college. I also received scholarships, and they really helped. In becoming our Scholarship Chair, I feel like I’m coming full circle to help folks with their education. All of society benefits whey they go to college and continue their education. Knowledge is Power. We are helping our youth become more powerful.


ElizabethElizabeth Roberts  –  Ocean Friendly Restaurants Lead  –  As a passionate advocate for clean oceans and coastal stewardship, I spend much of my free time hiking and exploring Oregon’s beautiful coastline and watersheds. Over the years I have participated in large scale marine debris removal projects and research expeditions in both the Gulf of Alaska and the Gulf of Maine. As an artist, I use marine debris to create art that inspires awareness about plastic pollution and how single use plastic and our consumer choices are impacting our oceans fragile ecosystems. 


AldenAlden and Kelly Wolfe  –  Youth Surf Camp Coordinators  –  Alden and Kelly have always had a profound love for the ocean.  Alden grew up along the Southern Oregon Coast and began surfing at 12, when his older brother introduced him to what would become one of his greatest passions. Alden became involved in Surfrider and surf contests as a grom (kid surfer), and began teaching surfing as a youth.  Since then, Alden has taught friends and countless people of all ages and backgrounds how to surf and protect the ocean.  Kelly grew up inland, always dreaming of living near the ocean. As an adult, she moved to California, where she was stationed on the Humboldt Coast.  Alden and Kelly met at their Coast Guard duty station and began sharing their deep love for the ocean by volunteering with their local Surfrider chapter.  They now reside in Coos Bay with their two children and continue to spend much of their free time on or around the ocean as a family.  Surfrider has been a bright beacon of ocean preservation, education, and community.  The two hope to contribute to the community through youth surf camps and by helping to inspire and build the next generation of groms and conservationists.


Carmen Matthews  –  Blue Water Task Force Coordinator  –




Annie Pollard  –  Mailchimp and Poster Guru  –  Annie is a wildlife biologist and small business owner. Her experiences studying marine organisms from Alaska to Antarctica has lead to a passion for stewardship of our oceans. She is a founding member of the Coos Bay chapter and currently assists with getting the word out about chapter programs, campaigns, and events using her mad photoshop skills.



Jean Cassidy  –  Webmaster – Every day, I am amazed by the beauty of our local waters, forests, and beaches.  So close to the ocean, it is easy to see the interconnectedness of all things.  I believe that change in the world happens one action at a time, and that when each one of us makes some positive difference in our community, then the whole world can be a better place.