Stand Up! For the Bay is coming! It’s looking to be an excellent event this year! We’re partnering up with South Slough, which will likely swell our numbers! Therefore, we’re going to need a bit more manpower than we’ve had in the past. I’ve made a list of all the jobs we need filling. In general, these are broken up into 2 hour shifts, with a couple 3 hour shifts (if I get enough volunteers I can shorten these).

Check out the list and let us know if you can fill any of the shifts. Also, feel free to pass this on to anyone you may feel would be interested in volunteering.

Please contact the volunteer coordinator if you can help with any of these.

Registration- 2 People- 7am to 9:15am.

Arrive at the event early (7:00) to help set up signs and registration table. Check in with Annie or Carmen about setup. Check people in as they arrive. There will be a master list of registered people. They have already paid and have shirts waiting for them. Check them off the list, hand them a bracelet, let them know it gets them their plate of food. Give them their shirt (they are marked with names). Let them know to stay around the boardwalk until the beginning of the rout is signaled by the bull-horn. Let them know who will be leading the paddle. Let them know about the garbage bounty. Give them their handout, which includes a map of the rout.

Merchandise-1 Person- 12-2:30pm.

Check in with Sue Scott at merch table. Hangs out at table selling merchandise and pushing memberships. Maintains large chalk board or dry erase board with membership beach in a bag deal. May also sell raffle tickets. Helps Sue packs up merchandise. Can also spell Surfrider person when he/she wants to go get food, joust, beer, etc.

Surfrider table- 2 people-2 shifts- 11:15-1:15pm, 1-3pm.

Helps set up Surfrider table (check in with Sue Scott). Hangs out at Surfrider table with pamphlets. Answers any questions about what the heck surfrider does, and promotes volunteerism. Trys to get people to sign up for our email list. Helps pack up Surfrider table. Can also spell merchandise person when he/she wants to go get food, joust, etc.

Meal ticket sales/wrist band checking- 1 person- 11:15-1pm

Helps set up a table at the beginning of the food line to give meal tickets to all adults who have wrist bands. Kids under 12 receive a kids meal ticket for free. Adults who do not have wrist bands pay $10 for a meal ticket.

Raffle ticket sales/organization: 1 person 12-2:30pm

Helps set up the raffle table with items. Wanders around selling raffle tickets to people or hangs out near raffle items, selling tickets. Reminds people that the raffle will take place at 2pm. Makes sure raffle happens on time. Reminds Carmen and/or Charlie when it is time to draw for the raffle OR does the raffle drawing over the mic (depending on your mic comfort level).

Pepper Pappy Assistants: 2 people 11:15-1:30.

Accepts tickets from people. Helps dish up food for folks. Generally helps Pepper Pappy a.k.a. Darold wherever is needed with food serving. Helps Pepper Pappy pack things up when lunch hour is over (1pm).

Paddle Joust announcer/organizer 12:30-2:30pm

Installs the Joust lanes. Makes sure there are two available paddle boards from Shark Bites for the Joust. Gathers up the jousters a few minutes before the joust is scheduled. Makes up a quick bracket for jousters. 8-4-2-1. Makes sure joust happens on time. Explains jousting rules over the bull horn. Announces jousters and results of each joust over bull-horn. Packs up boards, joust stuff, etc. after joust. Makes sure boards and paddles get back to Waxer’s. This job could be split between 2 people- an organizer and an announcer.

General Clean-up-2 people- 2:30-3:30pm

Helps event organizers clean everything up at the end of the event.