Coos Bay Chapter

The Coos Bay Chapter is dedicated to the protection of oceans, waves and beaches in the greater Coos County area More Details
September 16, 2008 | No Comments

Siuslaw Chapter Launch!

Congratulations to the Siuslaw Organizers for an extraordinary event kicking off their charter! In the coming weeks the Surfrider Foundation’s Board of Directors will be meeting and hopefully approving the charter request. Great work by all organizing members, especially the newly elected executive committee: John Tipple, Gus Gates, Richard Palmer, Brittany Getz and Ian and Heidi Jarman! With a fresh strategic plan and a Blue Water Task Force program on the way, the makings for a great chapter are in the works! Welcome to the Surfrider Foundation Chapter Network gang! Pictured at right is Gus Gates, delivering a welcome to the crowd at the End of Summer Bash.

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