We want to thank the Coos Bay City Council and all the supporters that came out on December 4 to discuss a ban for single-use plastic bags ordinance for Coos Bay. We had a packed house! Briana Goodwin, Oregon Field Manager for Surfrider, and our very own CB Surfrider, Sherri Neal, did an amazing job presenting on the importance, design and implementation bag ordinances.

The city council, spearheaded by Mayor Joe Benetti, committed to drafting a resolution to reduce our town’s single-use plastics. The council had asked for Surfrider’s input and examples of successful single-use plastic bag bans from other Oregon cities, which we happily provided. Joe expressed the importance that all of us need to contact our state legislators to let them know that single-use plastic bag bans are in alignment with our Oregonian values.

Additionally, on January 24th, mayors from all over the State will be meeting in Salem.  Mayor Benetti will bring the topic of having a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.  Stay tuned for more information, and be sure to thank your city council members for their support!

In the meantime, the bag ordinance we’ll be submitting to the Coos Bay council for consideration has a much greater chance of passing if North Bend commits to a similar ordinance. North Bend residents, you can help by contacting your City Council members and indicating your support.