July 4th Paddleboard Joust and Coos Bay Surfrider Meeting

At 7:30 pm on July 4th, we’re holding our monthly chapter meeting at the boardwalk in downtown Coos Bay amid a paddeboard jousting competition. And you thought meetings weren’t any fun! Come play with us as we try to dunk each other in the bay! We’ll also be asking for volunteers for our fireworks mayhem clean-up on Bastendorff the following morning of July 5th.

July 5th Bastendorff Beach Cleanup

From 10 – 1 pm on the July 5th, we’ll be meeting in the main parking lot of Bastendorff Beach to clean up all the spent fireworks casings. These things contain nitrates and other toxic chemicals which are really bad for wildlife and reduce that exhilaration that comes from playing on a clean beach! If you want to come we really encourage you to sign up here, but heck, you can just show up too. There is a liability waiver volunteers will be asked to complete. We’re bringing doughnuts for everyone, trash bags, gloves, and buckets, but bringing your own gloves and bucket is not a bad idea! Look for us at the blue table in the main Bastendorff Beach parking area.