King Tides help us understand what can happen to our coastal communities as sea levels rise.  Folks from all over the world are participating, taking and sharing photos with the Project – the goal, to share photos with people all over the world about the affects of King Tides, and to draw attention to the effects of climate change.  This year the project takes place during three sets of extreme tides: Oct. 27-29, Nov. 24-27, and Dec. 23-25.  YOU can get involved!

The annual photo project is sponsored statewide by the CoastWatch Program of the Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, Surfrider, and the state’s Coastal Management Program, along with local sponsors.

For more information and how to get involved, check out this great post:

King Tide Erosion, Australia

Erosion from King Tides at Queensland, Australia’s Gold Beach

More information will be posted closer to the King Tide dates on our Facebook page: