This December, the Coos Bay chapter teamed up with Bandon High School and science teacher Trent Hatfield to expand geographic coverage of the their Blue Water Task Force program (BWTF) and launch a Surfrider QUAD Youth Club. The goal behind both of these is to increase youth engagement in the BWTF program and local water quality issues.  The program kicked off with a training for students on how to collect, prepare and test water quality samples.

Bandon High School students preparing water quality samples

Students are so jazzed on the program they have begun developing and testing sample collection apparatuses that can be cast into the surf with a fishing pole, rather than relying on a local volunteer to don a wetsuit and brave the seas.

Coos Bay Chapter leader Carmen Matthews collecting sample at Bandon South Jetty

Through their fundraising and membership drive efforts, the Coos Bay chapter was able to raise enough money to invest in all the necessary equipment to setup a complete water quality testing lab at Bandon High School. With the help of local volunteers and the QUAD Club participants, they will be able to publish  monthly water quality results throughout the school year. Additionally, the Coos Bay chapter will broaden geographic eligibility for their high school scholarship program for graduating seniors in the Bandon community.

For more information on the BWTF program and volunteering contact Carmen Matthews –