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Eggnog Board Raffle

Surfboard + Student Scholarships = Your Opportunity!

  • $ 5 / ticket  ~  only 200 tickets available
  • your ticket = scholarships for students
  • make a difference in your community and the world
  • magnificent Eggnog Surfboard
  • Tickets & Raffle at 7 Devils – starts Wed, June 3

Just waiting to get wet!

Since 2015, we've been celebrating another year of Coos Bay Surfrider's accomplishments at our annual Gala event.  We have fun eating, drinking, socializing, listening to music, dancing, getting updated – and hearing from a previous year's scholarship recipient. 

Kyle Shellhammer, Vehicles of Happiness (surfboard) creator. Photo courtesy of The World Newspaper, Coos Bay.

All the fun, the Wall of Beer, and our famous Auction raise money for our scholarship recipients, programs like our water quality monitoring, support of Youth Chapters, and more. This year, with COVID-19, we had to cancel our Gala … and so we have a hand-crafted surfboard sitting on dry land (boo-hoo!)

Definitely a rad board!

So here we are with a magnificent Eggnog Surfboard that Kyle made for our Gala auction. These pictures don't really do it justice … this board is a beauty … and if you know Kyle or his boards, then you can imagine not only what a lovely piece of art this board is, but also how it's going to feel in your hands and on the waves!