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Marine Debris Trivia

What is Ghost Fishing?
Participants answered this question and more at our Marine Debris Trivia chapter meeting at 7 Devil Brewery on Monday. From albatross on Midway Atoll, to microbeads, teams pooled their collective knowledge in friendly competition.

First Place – Mega-Oof (Jaime Belanger, Jenni Schmitt, Anne Farrell-Matthew, Philip Matthews).
Second Place – Trash Mob (Elizabeth Roberts, Donna Bonetti, Ken Bonetti, Brian Jenkins).
Third Place – Fish Jism (Christine Ellison, Mack Hardy, Todd Buchholz).
Prizes from 7 Devils Brewery and Coos Bay Surfrider.
And everyone wins stickers!

In the bigger picture, marine debris is a real issue, and we learned that it’s way bigger than most of us thought. Marine debris doesn’t just end up on our beaches … it’s all over the world … it’s on EVERY beach. And we’re going to do something about that!

(To download higher resolutions of these photos, go to our Flickr page:

We can keep working together, and having fun together, as we figure out the marine debris issue … and make our ocean and beaches clean again.