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Scholarship Recipient 2015 – Maxwell Sinko

Maxwell Sinko was awarded one of the Coos Bay Surfrider Scholarships for 2015.

Maxwell-Sinko-2015 Maxwell Sinko - 2015 Scholarship Recipient

Since I have received the helpful scholarship from the Surfrider Foundation, I have been advancing my studies in Natural Sciences, working towards my goal of becoming an Environmental Engineer. I began attending South Western Oregon Community College in the Fall and will finish out my first two years there, applying myself to courses which cross-over with Oregon State University's requirements for their Environmental Engineering program.

Once I reach Oregon State, I will begin to take on more serious courses and most likely work towards a minor in Business. This minor will provide me with knowledge to help me financially later on in life when I decide to step out of the schooling world and live on my own providing for myself.

My assumption is by five years time, I will have the necessary requirements for my major and begin a looking for a two year internship where I can get hands-on experience with other fellow Environmental Engineers that have been working in the field. After my two year internship, I will go back to Oregon State, finish off what I need for my minor in Business and push forward into the work force from there. Thank you, Surfriders, for supporting me in my adventure to come.