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Scholarship Recipient 2021 – Jacob Mitchell

Jacob Mitchell was awarded one of the Coos Bay Surfrider Scholarships for 2021.

Jacob Mitchell graduated from North Bend High School in March 2021 and is now enrolled in the 2-year natural resource program at Southwestern Oregon Community College. He describes himself as “an avid outdoorsman, committed to maintaining the health of our public lands.”  In grade school, Jacob began volunteering, doing hands-on work such as planting trees and building bat boxes.  Realizing his passion for natural resources at a young age, he made a plan for his future career.  Jacob focused on both college preparatory and trade electives in high school. Working for the Coos Watershed Association for two summers on the restoration crew, Jacob gained a broad range of work experience, including riparian restoration, invasive species removal, tool safety and maintenance, construction, and public relations.

Jacob’s appreciation of our natural resources, and his commitment to steward them, are clear:

“I think it’s important to gain experience in as many areas as I can.  Natural resource management is complex, and it is challenging to find that balance between user groups and protecting / preserving the environment.  My plan is to gain experience in a variety of resource management disciplines while pursuing my forest management degree. … I am inspired to work hard to reach my goals. … I feel so lucky to have grown up on the Oregon Coast.  I hope to have the opportunity to remain in my hometown, working as a resource professional.”

Jacob Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell