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Scholarship Recipient 2021 – Madalyn Hampel

Madalyn Hampel was awarded one of the Coos Bay Surfrider Scholarships for 2021.

Madalyn Hampel has loved the outdoors for as long as she can remember – fishing, camping, hiking, and being out in nature with her family. When she was 10, Madalyn learned about entomology with a 4-H group, and she was “hooked.” Madalyn says, “Entomology didn’t just teach me about insects; it also taught me about how precious and essential every part of nature is, no matter how small. It showed me so much beauty embedded into the tiniest details of every insect and everything that insect affected. Entomology is what truly brought me to see and realize how important and dynamic the environment is.”

Madalyn shared her passion and knowledge about bugs with others – teaching and assisting with Boy Scout groups, annual third-grade field trips, and the Mayfly festival. Madalyn shared, “Every time I learned something new about the natural sciences, and every time I was able to teach someone else about it, I realized this is something that I never want to stop doing. I realized I want to build a career out of what I’ve learned, and I don’t ever want to quit learning more about it.”

"I want to work to preserve and maintain the natural world for everyone to experience like I got to.”

From there, Madalyn explored wildlife biology, and realized that her passion extended beyond entomology, “I knew that I wanted to work in a field where I could help and learn about all of the earth’s living creatures. I also know that I want to work to preserve and maintain the natural world for everyone to experience like I got to.”

Madalyn graduated from North Bend High School in 2021, and she began at Oregon State University-Cascades in fall 2021. She is currently studying biology with hopes of becoming a veterinarian. “I have always loved being outdoors, exploring nature, and enjoying the beautiful natural environment of the Oregon Coast.

Madlyn Hampel
Madalyn Hampel