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Scholarship Recipient 2021 – Taylor Waddington

Taylor Waddington was awarded one of the Coos Bay Surfrider Scholarships for 2021.

Taylor Waddington graduated from Marshfield High School in 2021, and began attending the University of Oregon in the fall of 2021, majoring in Education, with the goal of becoming a middle school teacher. We were inspired by Talyor for many reasons. She has a life-long appreciation and connection with the outdoors. Supported and encouraged by her family and teachers, Taylor has learned, “the value of asking questions, searching for answers, understanding the process of science, and then applying that knowledge to life.” Wanting to inspire her own students, Taylor thinks it’s important for kids to learn both how people are impacting the earth, as well as what they can do to be stewards and to protect the earth. She wants to make a difference in kid’s lives, and to teach them things that they will both value and enjoy.

Taylor’s love of the outdoors and commitment to make a difference is further evidenced by what she shared with us as she started college:

“In my free time, I enjoy anything and everything outdoors, from hiking to kayaking to just sitting in a hammock. I am excited to have this opportunity to further my education at U of O and continue to learn about and enjoy the outdoors. I will also be involved in the Environmental Leaders Academic Residential Community (ARC) which is a program focused on living with people who share the same environmental and social concerns. The group is involved in campus recycling programs and students, together as a group, take one course per semester. I will also be involved in the Outdoor Program so I can continue to raft, hike, ski, and enjoy the outdoors while pursuing my education.”

Taylor Waddington
Taylor Waddington