The Broadway Theatre was packed with a standing-room-only crowd Thursday night for Jan Hodder and Allie Rosenbluth’s presentation on responding to the Jordan Cove draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS or DEIS) at our May 2, 2019 monthly chapter meeting.

Allie Rosenbluth and Jan Hodder, presenters

Jan Hodder, senior lecturer at the Oregon Institute for Marine Biology, started with an overview of the proposed Jordan Cove Project.  There are 3 parts, Jan explained:  (1)  a gas pipeline (Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline),  (2)  an LNG* Terminal, where the gas would be liquified, and  (3)  ships to take the LNG to Asia.

There are numerous permits needed in order for Pembina (the LNG/ pipeline corporation) to complete the Jordan Cove project, including federal, state, Coos County, City of North Bend, City of Coos Bay, and other jurisdictions where the pipeline is proposed to transit. That means that there are numerous opportunities where we can comment, express our concerns, and be heard.

Next, Jan summarized her concerns – safety, environmental, and daily living concerns – about the Jordan Cove project. The Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO) has safety recommendations for where LNG terminals should and should not be located, and Pembina’s proposal does not follow SIGTTO’s safety guidelines.

We can respond to protect our communities, our way of life, and the environment around us!  Jan explained that our comments to FERC should address the alternatives and write about the affected environment.  The affected environment is more than the “natural” environment.  It also includes aesthetic, cultural, economic, social, health-related and any other long-term or short-term impacts of the proposed LNG project.

Folks write comments to FERC and Governor Kate Brown

Allie Rosenbluth (Campaigns Director for Rogue Climate) and Jan outlined the most effective ways to make comments, provided handouts and links, and helped folks write comments.  The key, Allie and Jan stressed, is to speak from your own life, and to write in your own words.

Get involved …   Get connected …  Speak your mind!

  • Download Jan and Allie’s presentation in .pdf format – there are 3 parts: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3
  • Download the handouts:  Comment Template and Comment Writing Guide
  • Download FERC’s DEIS.  Notice that there are many appendices … you can download the ones you need as you choose. FERC’s Draft EIS and Appendices are at the bottom of this page
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