Abbey Knight was awarded one of the Coos Bay Surfrider Scholarships for 2016.

Abbey Knight

Abbey Knight – 2016 Scholarship Recipient

Abbey writes:

This scholarship will be incredibly helpful to me. As an emancipated minor the only income or money I receive is from the jobs I personally work. Over the summer, I worked as a commercial fisherman and I have already acquired a job here at Middlebury, watching an infant for a professor. Although the school has granted me a large scholarship, it is still difficult to afford transportation to the school since it is on the east coast, or buy books which can be very expensive.

My current plans for my career remain undecided, but as a future career I am interested in regulating fishing industries to ensure that they are sustainable and not endangering any wildlife – not only in the US, both also in foreign countries as well. I am currently taking Spanish to help achieve this goal of mine.